Terms and conditions

  1. The Polish Episcopal Conference, the Team for the New Evangelization is the organizer of the International Center of Evangelization (ICE 2016) that works closely with the Organizing Committee of WYD Cracow 2016.
  2. All activities of ICE 2016 will be held in Cracow between July 18 and July 31, 2016.
  3. The goal of ICE 2016 is to bring Good News to people through various forms of evangelization ministries (e.g., proclaiming the Gospel, pantomime, art workshops, happenings, concerts, theatrical plays and performing arts, prayer, testimonies, public meetings with interesting people, etc.) All these will be addressed to a broad audience; from the participants of WYD to Cracow residents; to people that will come to visit Cracow during WYD.
  4. Both local and International Evangelization Groups (Teams) that have submitted the application form available at www.ICE2016.pl, and thus agreed to all terms and conditions (or will do so by April 29, 2016) will be able to get involved in the activities carried out by ICE 2016.
  5. The application form should be filed by a group leader who represents the group and thus, becomes a contact person between the group and the administration of ICE 2016.
  6. Each and every Evangelization Team should provide a recommendation letter from its local priest (or better yet, a bishop.) The letter should include contact information to a person responsible for the Team’s involvement in the ICE 2016 events.
  7. Having received from the office of ICE 2016 both the confirmation message and a unique identification number (UIN) created for the team, each team member has to fill out a personal application form and provide this UIN while submitting the form.
  8. Each person who has submitted the form and been accepted to be a part of the team, will be granted access to a mobile app. Not only will the app help the user navigate in Cracow and inform him/her about current events with regard to both ICE 2016 and WYD, but it will also send the user important notifications and updates.
  9. Those who have submitted the ICE 2016 application form will automatically be enrolled to be volunteers of WYD Cracow 2016 and thus no additional action will be required on their part.
  10. All teams that have applied to minister during ICE 2016 are subject to final approval (or rejection) by IEC. Each team will receive their final decision by December 22, 2015, the latest.
  11. ICE 2016 cannot guarantee any financial aid for the time of the event. ICE 2016 guarantees a safe campsite equipped with sanitary facilities.
  12. During the ICE2016 the provision of food will be guaranteed by the ICE 2016 organizers.
  13. Evangelization Team commit to:

13.1. To comply to the rules and regulations stipulated by the organizers of  ICE 2016.

13.2. Participants must always have their ID card prominently visible  in ICE 2016 zone for security reasons.

13.3. The cost for ICE 2016 for Foreign Evangelization Team is USD200/-per participant. Which will cover the cost for participation in ICE2016, WYD registration, accommodation in ICE2016 base,  food, organizational costs (pilgrim kit, transport only in Cracow). Part of the amount will go towards helping underprivileged pilgrims.

13.4. The cost for Polish Evangelization Team is 500PLN. Which cover the costs of their participation in ICE 2016 and WYD registration. This amount covers the cost of staying in ICE 2016 base, food, organizational costs (pilgrim kit, transport only in Cracow). Part of the amount will go towards helping underprivileged pilgrims.

13.5. The cost for volunteers who are residents of Krakow and will not need accommodation and meals as part of ICE2016, is 250 PLN.

13.6. The cost for volunteers who are residents of Krakow and will not need accommodation but they will require meals as part of ICE2016, is 450 PLN.

  1. To be eligible to become a member of the Evangelization Team, all participants have to be at least 18 years of age or older (or otherwise accompanied by legal guardians.)
  2. Each form submitted by the team should have the following documents attached:

15.1. Evangelization Program(s) Proposal

15.2. Information about planned evangelization ministries and their classifications in relation to the ICE 2016 main agenda. Information should include the name and type of ministry and brief description of its core components.

15.3. List and technical specifications of all the required audio and lighting equipment and peripheral devices, the minimum stages space requirements, and finally, an approximate time of a given presentation.

  1.  The final two-week program will be created based on the compilation of both the ICE 2016 main program and individual evangelization programs provided by the Evangelization Teams. The program will provide a complete list of these events, together with times and dates of their occurrence, and the allowed time and location for each.
  2. Eucharist, prayer meetings, shared meals, and other evangelization services will be scheduled daily.


Cracow/Gubin, 17.06.2014

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