World Youth Day Opening Mass

On the Tuesday afternoon evangelizers from the International Centre of Evangelization with pilgrims went to the Opening Mass on World Youth Days toBłonia Park. The prayer many nationalities connected language of love. Cultural differences disappeared and we became community.

Cardinal Dziwisz in his sermon related to the speech from Gospel. We have heard dialogue Peter with Jesus. Peter left everyday life and follow  Jesus, to experience his death and resurrection and now he became brave evangelist of the Word of God. Today – assured cardinal – Jesus speaks to us, Peter’s experience may be our experience.

Young people were questioned.  Where we come from, where we are and what we take. The past is individual experience any of us. We have people here which  live in prosperity, but we have those as well which come from poor countries. We bring out fears and disappointments and hope. The second question reminds us, that Jesus put us in this place. This is the moment when He ask us about love.

At the end we say about future. On Wednesday will arrive Peter of our time. This meeting will take few days and after we will have to come back to our daily life. We decide ourselves, what we take with us. Cracow lives secret of God’s Mercy, young people can take it with them and go to the world.

We can be assured, that Peter our time, who spend this days with us, strengthen our faith and future.

After the Eucharist conference tent of International Centre of Evangelization was filled with pilgrims on Piastowska 26 street. They came to see Bishop GrzegorzRyś and Bishop Edward Dajczak on Credo meeting.

mwardaWorld Youth Day Opening Mass

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