Pope’s window in Franciszkańska Street

Pope’s window in Franciszkańska Street became a traditional place of encounters of the youth with subsequent Popes while their staying in Poland. On Wednesday evening not only pilgrims but also evangelizers from the International Centre of Evangelization were awaiting Pope Francis. They were proclaiming Good News from one of the stages placed exactly in Franciszkańska.

Peter from a Christian Movement Mt 28 said: “There was a lot of enthusiasm and expectation. The crowd of people was mostly focused on waiting for the Pope to appear in the window but we were doing our job. Our songs, animations and preaching the Gospel on the stage were concentrated on Jesus. The Pope also indicated that during those days an encounter with Jesus is the main purpose. I think that our evangelizing groups perfectly reflected his intention and the message of the World Youth Days but also the main mission of the Church.”

Kuba who gave the testimony of his conversion on the stage underlined that it was an extraordinary example of God and people’s cooperation: “God placed me in the best place. Although, everybody was focused on Pope’s appearing in the window,  it was impossible not to hear what we said on the stage. People gathered in that sector waited really long for the Pope. So, if anything was performed on the stage, people turned around and listened to what we were saying. The evangelizers also talked to people in the crowd. We saw many of them deeply moved with what they heard, with the Good News.

As we can see, the evangelizers take the advantage of any chance to proclaim the Word of God. They work tirelessly and bravely fight against tiredness. Pray for them to make these last few days of evangelization fruitful, especially in life of many participants of the World youth Days.

mwardaPope’s window in Franciszkańska Street

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