Abp Rino Fisichella: The world needs the witnesses of God’s mercy

The last Mass for evangelizers we attended in the International Centre of Evangelization was celebrated by archbishop RinoFisichella. All the gathered volunteers could listen to the sermon particularly directed to them.
“Today’s Word of God shows us the difficulties prophet Jeremiah has to conquer to fulfil God’s will. You are also prophets. All the Christians have been prophets since the day of their baptism. However, to understand that truth fully we need to keep in our mind and heart words that are the essence of God’s heart” – began archbishop.

While I was entering the tent we are gathered in, I looked at the cross. If we want to be evangelizers, we should never forget the words John Paul II said to each of us in NowaHuta – the Cross is a sign of the first evangelization and when we look at it, it constantly reminds us that the world needs new evangelization. The world needs the witnesses of God’s mercy.

Evangelizers should never forget what are the roots of evangelization. A word “new” can be deceiving, but this is the same evangelization Jesus started. This is still Him and His words but also wonders He works also nowadays. We can’t forget that whatever we do it is performed merely through the Church because Jesus is constantly present in the Church which is His body.

Let the words from the book of Isaiah become our words. This is me who the Lord sent to proclaim the Gospel. Dear friends, do you know what it means to be a prophet nowadays? When we talk about a prophet we think about him as a person who foresees the future. In fact, his first task is not to talk about future but to share God’s words with the others. We are all invited to be God’s mouth.

The words from the book of Isaiah are constantly coming back to us – Lord, send me. I  encourage you to repeat these words in your heart all the time – Lord, send me. The moment we accept these words as ours we will follow the way John the Baptist started.

Don’t keep anything for yourself. We proclaim Jesus who comes through us. Yesterday I heard the confession of many young people who asked me why God chose just them, what He wants from them. We don’t know the answer but we are sure to be the chosen ones. God entrusted us with accepting this responsibility and He awaits we will follow Him in answer to His invitation.

This is the mission Jesus entrusts us. He asks us, who are the members of the Church, to reach out everyone without exception, without expelling anybody because nobody should be deprived of the Gospel. When we experience our weakness and think we are unable to proclaim Gospel, emerge yourselves in a profound prayer and contemplation of the Lord in the Holy Eucharist. Stand before the Lord and ask Him once again to give you His Spirit, ask Him to open the door of your heart so widely it could be filled with God’s grace.

Let Our Lady be an example we will follow. Along with her we are Jesus’ prophecy. He invites us to follow the path He started so let Him bean example for each of us. Choosing that way we will confidently reach the gateway of mercy. Let’s go through it with joy and trust because we are those who God’s mercy constantly pours out on.

mwardaAbp Rino Fisichella: The world needs the witnesses of God’s mercy

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