Bishop Ryś: Mary Magdalene’s relationship with Jesus

In the International Center of Evangelization, Friday has begun from the Eucharist which was led by Bishop Grzegorz Ryś. During the homily, evangelizers  was contemplating fragments of the Gospel According to John 20,1.11-18.

Bishop began saying: Through XX centuries, the Church have been reading this Gospel when thinking about Mary Magdalene in the context of the Song of Songs. If you would like to comprehend this Words properly, you have to read the entire Song of Songs. There are fragments which fit to this Gospel incredibly well.

In the morning on the Resurrection day, Mary Magdalene has already visited Jesus grave twice. She saw an open grave and ran after Peter and John to tell them that somebody had taken the body of Lord. So they arrived in order to see what had happened. They came, looked and went home, but she stayed to see the grave again. Saint Gregory the Great, in a comment to this Gospel, says Peter and John left, but Mary Magdalene has stayed because of great love of Jesus. A lot of questions about what happened, are swirling in her head, but love of Jesus keeps her close to the empty grave.

The Gospel in a delicate way says that Mary Magdalene have seven demons inside her. When the Bible says seven, it means fullness, everything. In a certain moment of her life, Mary Magdalene was completely fulfilled with evil. She has become the home of satan, he owned her. The only thing we know is that Jesus removed all these seven demons and she started following Him and belonged to women who maintained Jesus. How much had she got? One is afraid to think how she’ve earned this. There is such moment in love, when not only you’re giving, but also you can take. Would you take money from a prostitute? Jesus was taking money from Mary Magdalene and knew where it came from.

The New Testament does not tell the rest of the story. Original tradition of Christianity says that Mary spent some time with John in Ephesus. However, the strongest tradition mentions that Mary Magdalene is buried in Vézelay in Burgundy. In the Middle Ages, this church was the most important pulpit in Europe. A lot of people was going on a pilgrimages on that they would pray upon the Mary Magdalene’s grave.

There is a hermitage near this place and according to tradition Mary has spent 30 years there. When you experience such love like Mary, then any other love will make you happy. Those 30 years helped her to be with Jesus. She needed to be with Christ alone. At the yesterday conference, Donald Turbitt told that if you’re willing to build a relation with Jesus, you need time and feelings.

Bishop, at the end of homily, has put evangelizers in 5 minutes silence so as to experience a personal meeting with the Resurrected and listen to how He call them by their name.


mwardaBishop Ryś: Mary Magdalene’s relationship with Jesus

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