Bishop Ryś: Think about that, what God promises to you


We continue to meditate some fragments the Letter to the Galatians. This time Bishop Grzegorz Ryś, focuses on the law and how we can introduce it into our daily life.

Bishop explains the fragment and mentions about  Saint Antonio from Padua. We can learn, that our life is complete when Jesus in it. Empty when God is absent. God has the great imagination how to fulfil our life.

He says about setting free from the law. For people who convert from Judaism into Christianity is very hard to understand that.  God wants set us free from the law and it’s more important than deliverance from the sins. They thought, that law is sacred and comes from God. We read about Paul’s belief and learn thatlaw is sacred.  How to combine that with Jesus message Who wants set us free?

The very first Word to the human being is not the law but promise. Abraham is the first one who received a promise. The promise is the Word, which became essential in our faith and for proclamation.

We can observe Saint Augustin,  who waits long time till he fulfils Father Will. Augustin honestly admitted that, inside him existed good and evil, he was on the both sides. If you are in that situation, it may take long time till you let God act in your life. Think about that, what God promises to you. If evangelizer can’t talk about promise, he can’t go to the world.

The law is a Pedagogue who is leading us. From the Greek, “paidagogos” means person which leads us to the teacher. The law should help us to understand our sins, but never go away them from us.

The promise always fulfil in Christ. He is able solve our sin.

mwardaBishop Ryś: Think about that, what God promises to you

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