Bishop Ryś: I would like that Gospel to happen here in our hearts

On Tuesday, during the Eucharist in the International Centre of  Evangelization ICE2016 Bishop Grzegorz Ryś particulary underlined that in the first reading (Mi 7:14-15.18-20) there is an extraordinary God’s promise hidden: We give to God our sins and He throws them into the middle of the sea as if he threw a stone which will never come out of the depths of the sea. This is the manner God forgives us. None of our sins influences God. This is the feature that differs our forgiveness from God’s forgiveness. We often forgive somebody but his fault still lives in our mind.

Today’s Gospel (Mt:12.46-50) says about how Jesus transforms the crowd into His family. Bishop Grzegorz Ryś pointed: „God’s family is more than a community. It means the community that understands bounds which exist among them. We are all sisters and brothers of Jesus. We are not a crowd. We are from 30 different countries, as in Tower of Babel. It’s  the perfect moment – that Word is about us. We are the witnesses of the Gospel. Jesus thanks to the Holy Spirit makes us His family. In the Matthew Gospel, Jesus stretches out His handsupon His disciples and with this gesture He gives them His Spirit. Jesus stretched out His hands over them, showing that in the Holy Spirit the brotherhood bounds between them are possible. It’s necessary to surrender to the Spirit who makes us a community. 

Every evangelizer needs to remember that this the Church which evangelizes: The day after tomorrow you are not going to be freelancers. We will go out of here as a Church – but first we need to be the Church before going evangelizing.

The Holy Spirit creates a relationship between us and God similar to that which is similar to that between the Father and a child.  He is praying in us „Abba Daddy”. We become a  family, when we all recognise ourselves as children of God, who is our Father.

I would like that Gospel to happen here in our hearts. I’d like Jesus to stretch out His hands upon us to make us experience His power and proclaim the Gospel as the Church. “Because evangelization is not a private business of an individual but shared task for everyone.”

mwardaBishop Ryś: I would like that Gospel to happen here in our hearts

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