Abp Rino Fisichella: The world needs the witnesses of God’s mercy

The last Mass for evangelizers we attended in the International Centre of Evangelization was celebrated by archbishop RinoFisichella. All the
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Pope’s window in Franciszkańska Street

Pope’s window in Franciszkańska Street became a traditional place of encounters of the youth with subsequent Popes while their staying
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World Youth Day Opening Mass

On the Tuesday afternoon evangelizers from the International Centre of Evangelization with pilgrims went to the Opening Mass on World
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Cardinal Luis Tagle about personal relationship with Jesus

  We are honored to talk with cardinal Tagle from Philipines.   [embed][/embed]
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Homily: Be great men and great ladies of Jesus Christ

I don’t like the ideology that states that a woman has to be exactly the same as the man is
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Bishop Ryś: Mary Magdalene’s relationship with Jesus

In the International Center of Evangelization, Friday has begun from the Eucharist which was led by Bishop Grzegorz Ryś. During
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Bishop Ryś: Think about that, what God promises to you

  We continue to meditate some fragments the Letter to the Galatians. This time Bishop Grzegorz Ryś, focuses on the law
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Bishop Ryś: I would like that Gospel to happen here in our hearts

On Tuesday, during the Eucharist in the International Centre of  Evangelization ICE2016 Bishop Grzegorz Ryś particulary underlined that in the
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The youth in Church are on fire

International Center of Evangelization (ICE 2016) was established by the Polish Episcopal Conference, the Team for the New Evangelization under the guidance of Bishop Grzegorz Ryś, in an agreement with Cardinal Stanisław Dziwisz, the president of the Organizing Committee of the World Youth Day (WYD) Cracow 2016, and Bishop Damian Muskus OFM, the Coordinator-General of WYD Cracow 2016.

The primary goal of ICE2016 is to support the Evangelization Ministry during WYD Cracow 2016 by coordinating the International Evangelization Teams (i.e., establishing rules of collaboration between the Evangelization Teams and IEC; inviting and collecting form submissions from the local and International Evangelization Teams; creating both logistical resources, and the coordinated evangelization program.)

All activities of ICE that are to take place in designated public places in Cracow between July 19 and July 31, 2016 (i.e., a week before and during WYD,) will be carried out in cooperation with the Organizing Committee of WYD Cracow 2016.

The Polish Episcopal Conference, the Team for the New Evangelization has appointed the following people to be responsible for ICE 2016:

Bishop Grzegorz Ryś, the chairman of the Team for the New Evangelization.

Fr. Artur Godnarski, the coordinator of the International Center of Evangelization (ICE2016)

Fr. Jacek Dubel, the communication coordinator responsible for connecting with the Organizing Committee of WYD Cracow 2016.